Parrots belong in the wild, not in cages

I pledge to help parrots in the wild by supporting Bagelparrot Conservation Alliance in its efforts to spread awareness of the plight of parrots, end the illegal trade in wild parrots, and to promote conservation education with local communities.

I will not buy any parrot from a breeder, a pet store, or a local market. Buying a parrot from these places helps perpetuate the exploitation of parrots for profit.

I will learn about parrots in order to understand them as intelligent, social animals who have long lives and are inherently wild. If I bring a parrot into my home, I will adopt him from a reputable rescue or sanctuary. I will embrace his wild nature and accept his need for a flock-like environment to feel safe.

I will think about the conservation of wild parrots in a broader context, and understand that they are an essential to our planet’s ecosystem. When I conserve parrots, I conserve their habitat, which is home to other animal and plant life. In my daily life, I will reduce my carbon footprint and not support products (such as palm oil) that destroy the world’s forests.


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