Our Work

We’re on a mission to spread awareness about the plight of parrots. Because the problem is a multinational, cross-border issue that involves local and international markets and industrial-scale clearing of forests, the solution must be approached from all angles. As with any conservation goal, success requires the collaboration of many: the government, the local community, and most importantly, you!


Reducing the demand for pet birds

Here at home, the demand for parrots as pets fuels poaching; if more people understood their complexity and endangered status, they would stop buying them. Less demand means fewer parrots poached for the pet trade every year.


Working with field partners

We aim to work with the best field partners who have a measurable, sustainable approach to conservation. Our carefully-vetted partners produce proven results that go beyond the field. They understand that making a real difference begins with engaging the local community.


Getting the local community onboard

We believe that conservation education is one of the most effective tools for protecting endangered species. Oftentimes a poacher is just a local villager who sees a nest as another way to feed his family. Educating the local community about the consequences of poaching and encouraging the protection of forests is the key to preserving of local flora and fauna.


Petitioning the decision makers

Deforestation plays a huge role in the decimation of wild parrot populations for the financial gains of a few. Shape the conversation by influencing policymakers! BCA aims to mobilize local communities to petition for legislation that protects local species and supports sustainable agriculture.

Current Projects


Join us in our mission to protect and conserve parrots!